About Us

Lee Datrice

 CEO and Founder, O.G. Limousine
​My name is Lee Datrice and I’ve been a limousine driver for over 25 years. My family is from Louisiana but I was born and raised here in San Francisco, Ca.  
 In growing up in the western addition (the Fillmore) I’ve seen San Francisco in an angle that most people haven’t seen.    I’ve been around when you could eat It’s - it on the beach and watch Jimi Hendrix perform at the park. As I grew so did  San Francisco, and I’ve seen it all.
As a driver I can take you where you need to go. I do anything from Napa Valley tours to Airport transfers.  

For a night out, a good time is key. O.G. Limousine is a reliable and time efficient company that will gives you and your guests high-class transportation as well as a mobile party.
Some of our high-tech perks include high-speed Internet connectivity, as well as charging stations. Your gadgets will work without a problem when you ride with O.G. Limousine. 


Who We Are

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